About Me

Kirstyn Eherenfeldt


B.A. Sociology, Loyola Marymount University, December 2007

Graduate Degrees I plan on pursuing:


M.P.H. (Masters in Public Health) with an international health/ community health emphasis


I enjoy reading, writing, running, cooking, cleaning (sometimes), learning, and loving. I have a great fascination for medicine and as of late developmental economics, so many of my activities center around this. My greatest passion has been volunteering for many years, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.



  1. Kirstyn,

    Thank you for the great page on Alanon and all your other work looks great. You are prolific and it will serve you well. You might ad Alanon.org to your blog. I believe that is the web site for Alanon. Again, well done!


  2. Hi Kirstyn!,

    This is Grace Burkee. Lydia is very exited to see you soon. I love you.

    Grace & Lydia

  3. 🙂

  4. hey there! Thanks for all the great info!

  5. You are very welcome!

  6. Kirstyn,
    I am a nursing tutor and I would like to correspond with you regarding your BMI image on the web. Will you please email me your contact information.
    Sally Samford, RN, MSN

  7. Kirstyn,
    Please email me regarding image on website.
    Thanks, Sally

  8. Hi Kirstyn,
    I just discovered your web page! I am inspired! What made you start this? I have thought of doing something like this myself for a long time…just never followed through…I would love to know how you started your webpage. Thanks for the opportunity to check it out! – Jessica

  9. hi

    Can we talk


  10. I LOVE YOU

  11. I love your picture with the tin man about organ donation. My father recieved a heart transplant in 94…it was such a huge impact in our lives as i was only 10 years old. Your story too was aboslutely amazing. I currently am in nursing school which after I graduate I plan to specialize in cardiac transplantaion!

    • That sounds wonderful! Good luck!

  12. this blog is one of my top favorites

    i wish good luck

    • Thank you!

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